Men's Shaving Set with Organic Shaving Soap

We Have Decided to Bring You an Old Favorite

An Old Fashion Shaving Soap


Every connoisseur of shaving culture knows you cannot beat decadence of an old fashioned shaving soap. This is why we have decided to bring you an old favorite -improved– organic shaving soap. We handcraft our soap from fine organic carrier oils and organic essential oils to a low foaming formula suitable for all skin types. Our base is organic certified olive oil which is hypoallergenic, moisturizing and acts as antioxidant for skin and hair. To that we added a bit of organic certified cocoa butter to prevent drying of the skin and beard and to help prevent the appearance of fine lines. Finally we scented it generously with rich organic lavender oil for that old school feel. This way you get a traditional shave with something that is good for your skin and hair.

As it crafted from organic materials out soap has unique appearance ranging from clear to opaque and comes in handcrafted high quality wood bowl and handcrafted badger hair Dutch wood handle shaving brush.