Handmade Peach Wood Comb

Decadent, Comfortable and Practical

Care for Your Beard n Moustache


Using a wooden comb on your beard and moustache is not only decadent, comfortable and practical it is also good for you. First of all you do not want to approach your beard and moustache with anything other than comb made out of natural ingredients. Using plastic, foam, artificial material combs will create static, make brittle and dry out your beard and moustache. Using comb making from natural material such as wood will eliminate static, condition your hair and increase the flow of blood for the hair making it stronger, shiner and faster growing. When picking your wooden comb make sure it is wide-tooth to easily detangle and prevent pulling or breaking the hair. Hand crafted wood combs are usually a better choice as they are made from higher quality wood and are subjected to personalized approach.

To start your journey toward a better care for your beard try our hand-crafted wooden comb made from peach wood, engraved with our company logo and wide toothed to provide all comfort of quality beard and moustache grooming in your own home.