Organic Beard Oils with Wooden Beard Comb Mini Kit

Sometimes we want variety to groom our beard

Combo beard oil grooming mini kit


Sometimes we want variety to groom our beard. If you tend to stick with the same kind of product that works for you the best option is to try different versions of the same product. For those that love beard oil for grooming we have come up with the combo beard oil grooming mini kit. In it we offer two different beard oils to provide two unique ways to take care of your beard, and a beard and moustache comb to make the grooming easier. The first beard oil in the set is best used after organic beard shampoo and is made with organic lavender and sweet orange essential oils and to soothe and relieve the skin below and around the beard. The second oil is best used between showers and is made with organic pine and bergamot essential oils to energize and provide elasticity to skin and add shine and volume to the beard. And we all pack them in a nice kraft pinstripe gift box.